Career Counselors has been providing diverse staffing services and solutions to our loyal customer base since 1986.

When we first opened our doors over 20 years ago,  we provided permanent placement services, ensuring prompt, efficient staffing solutions for our varied clients. Through skillful sourcing of candidates, and intensive personalized screening processes, including interviews, skill testing and reference checking, we successfully filled positions at all levels and within all industries.   We still proudly provide permanent placement services, and so much more!!

As our clients' needs developed and the economy changed,  we quickly recognized that there were many additional ways we could support their staffing requirements!  So, as always, to insure that we were providing the most complete and customized staffing solutions to our clients, we expanded our services to include contract/temporary placement and executive recruitment.  

Leaving no stone unturned, today we are a "one-stop" staffing solution! No matter what our clients needs are - permanent placement/direct hire, temporary placement/contract, or executive recruitment -  we provide the right staffing solution, quickly and precisely, completely targeted to our clients' specific needs!!  


Permanent Placement or Direct Placement Staffing involves the placement of a candidate with a hiring corporation on a permanent basis. Our services are contracted on a contingency basis; in this method of staffing, Career Counselors performs a comprehensive screening of all viable candidates and our client, the hiring corporation, will then interview only the best pre-screened candidates - saving the hiring company time and money in finding top performing candidates. Upon extending an offer for employment to our referral, the candidate is immediately placed on the hiring corporation's payroll, and is eligible to participate in all benefits the hiring company offers.  A fee for these services is paid to Career Counselors by the hiring company only; there is no charge to the candidates seeking employment.


Career Counselors is hired by client companies to recruit talent  with specific skill sets and experience, and these positions are most often offering higher salaries. We evaluate and present people who match the company’s performance requirements.  Candidates interviewing with our clients as a result of these efforts often enjoy the reward of a job offer!!!  As in permanent placement/direct hire, the newly hired employee is immediately placed on the hiring corporation's payroll and is eligible to participate in all benefits they offer.  A fee is paid to Career Counselors by the hiring company for these services; there is no charge to the candidate.

For those hiring companies who are seeking talent for a short period of time, or those not prepared to commit to providing corporate benefits, temporary staffing/staff leasing provides a great option.  Career Counselors eliminates your administrative and compliance nightmares by processing payroll, managing benefits (where relevant), and overseeing human resource issues.   With the resources and expertise of Career Counselors' staff, the time the hiring company spends on payroll and its associated processes is minimized - allowing the company to focus on the objective of growing business and revenue!!
Still, if at some point in time the hiring company does elect to  convert the temporary employee to permanent status, the candidate is then put on their payroll, and is eligible to participate in all offered benefits.  The hiring corporation may be responsible to pay Career Counselors a conversion fee at this time.

Still proudly serving many of the very same clients for 30 years - we've got to be doing it right!
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