"I want to thank you personally, Randi - you've been great. Probably the best recruiter I've come across."  - Job Seeker, November 2023

"Randi - I have great appreciation for you and your company for the high-quality candidates you were able to recruit for us over the years..." - Hiring Manager, February 2023

"Many thanks to you and your team for continuing to bring us great candidates. If you ever need a current client to speak as a referral to a prospective client, you can count on me." - Hiring Manager, January 2023  

"Thank you so much Randi for finding me and sticking with me! This is major for me! But it wouldn't be possible without out you! ❤️" - Job Seeker, October 2022

"Randi -...receiving a phone call from you was one of the best things that has happened to me and I don't doubt that this opportunity is going to change my life for the better. You are deserving of respect and much more!" - Job Seeker, August 2021

"Thank you very much for informing me of xxxxx's decision. Most recruiters do not follow up in my experience. I appreciate it and although it is unfortunate that xxxxx didn’t see a fit, I wish them the best of luck and you as well. Thanks again for your help throughout this process. It was a pleasure. " - Job Seeker, April 2021

"Thank you so much for the opportunity... Your listening skills are amazing!!! Will do my best and will let you know.' - Job Seeker, April 2021

"Thank you for all the time and effort you put into recruiting our Product Manager and Applications Specialist. You did an outstanding job identifying the candidates, and we’re excited to have XXX and XXX join the XXX family!" - Hiring Manager, March 2021

" You are making me look like a rock star on this search (Randi). You have been spot on and (VP/Hiring Manager) is thrilled with the candidate pool! - Hiring Manager, November 2020 

"Randi - Thank you so, so much for all you did. Your dedication to candidate - as well as (the hiring client) - is something to be admired!" - Job Seeker, August 2020

" (Randi) Thank you so much for your perspective; it really meant a lot to me to be heard and understood. :). You are incredible!" - Job Seeker, August 2020

"Randi, I wanted to take a minute of your time to emphasize how appreciative and impressed I am with the professional interaction we had these last few days!" Token of recognition of exceptional customer service experience from Job Seeker, July 2020

"I have recently separated from XXXXX and would like to connect with you. I was impressed with the resumes you provided us over the years." - Hiring Client, June 2020

"(Randi) "You know how highly I’ve always regarded you and your ethics." - Hiring Client, Nov 2019  

"Randi. You have been superb! Love working with you on this! Thank you!" - Job Seeker, Mar 2019

"Randi, I couldn't wait to hear from you! It was such a sad day when they closed the doors. Feel free to You did so well for me last time. I loved traveling and working the tradeshow events. It was a fun and interesting job... I trust your judgement and am grateful for your help."-Job Seeker, Jan 2019

"I highly recommend Randi and her team at Career Counselors if you are thinking about searching for a new career. Randi never, ever gives up until she finds the perfect fit for you. She does not rush the process and will fight for you to get the deal you deserve.
Over the years, when things were rough at where I was working, I would reach out to Randi and she always remembered who I was and always did the right thing by me. So if you are looking for someone who is truly interested in your career and helping you get the perfect role, Career Counselors is the place you need to reach out to!" - Job Seeker, Oct 2018

"...It makes me so happy that it worked out...because I know how hard you work on all of our searches..." - Hiring Manager, Oct 2018  

"Had my first day today at XXXXXXXX. Wanted to thank you and your team, Randi, for making it possible. Your professionalism and caring meant a great deal to me." - Job Seeker, Oct 2018

"Just want to let you know that I had a great first day! I am so excited for this opportunity. Thank you so much for all of your hard work I never giving up on me!" - Job Seeker, July 2018

"I am still working and available for you if any future opportunity is open. I am really glad to work with professionals like you in this process." - Job Seeker, May 2018 

"I really am grateful for your professionalism and approach to recruitment." - Job Seeker, April 2018

" (Randi), I want to offer you a heartfelt thank you for your efforts. I really appreciate how hard you've fought for me since last October." -Job Seeker, February 2018 

"I had a great first day at XXXXX. Everyone there is so nice & XXXXX is so awesome to work with. This industry is a completely new change for me & I am so grateful that you encouraged me to go on the interview.  This job was a blessing!   Thank you so so much for everything." - Job Seeker, November, 2017 

" Randi, I have to say, if I get this position or not, you have been so kind and helpful and understanding. You made me realize again why I wanted to move back "home" . Thank you!" - Job Seeker, July 2017

" Randi - I think you are the real deal; professional, supportive, skilled and creative sourcing, strong communicator, and driven for results...." - Hiring Manager, June 2017

"Randi, words cannot express how much you have done for me. Thank you for everything and I am looking forward in making my new start with a bright future ahead . Thank you again." - Job Seeker, October 2016

"Randi, I truly enjoyed speaking with you and was very impressed with the type of questions you asked and can see why you have been so successful.  I will stay in touch ... believe me, you are fantastic at what you do as I have been in your seat trying to recruit the right candidate for my clients and your tenacity blew me away!

"I have learned in my life that doing the right thing and having a good heart is all you can ask from yourself. I wish many more people followed that lead."  -  Job Seeker, October 2016

" (In response to being awarded Corporate Livewire's Innovation & Excellence Award for Recruiting - New York) Congratulations Randi!! I have worked with you and your team for over 16 years and your recognition is well overdue. All the best for a successful 2017!" Job Seeker, September 2016

"I wanted to thank you ladies for all your hard work. The way you kept the lines of communication open was like none other. All of your calls and follow-up work were greatly appreciated. In fact, you ladies are so great that many times I would receive your phone call just as I was returning from my lunch break; it was like you had all eyes and ears on me. Amazing!" - Job Seeker, September 2016

"...quite honestly, you (Randi) are the only person I have come across so far that has even asked (these sorts of) questions, so I'm sorry if I provided too much information. The rest have been pretty much “cookie cutter” forms to fill out and check what boxes apply. I honestly enjoyed this!" - Job Seeker, September 2016

"Randi is everything you are looking for in a professional to help you in your search. She and her team are terrific at understanding your background and searching for a position that is a good fit. The follow up is by far, the most professional I have ever experienced. I would recommend Randi and her team in a heartbeat" - Job Seeker, July 2016

"I really appreciate your help Randi.
I will refer you to all of my business contacts "- Hiring Manager, May 2016

"Randi has great experience in matching right people with right working place! I am sure she will be helpful for your job search and will give you a great advise about your work opportunities in your area." - Job Seeker, May 2016

"It was very nice talking to you today. I felt I was speaking to an honest and sincere person, and I do appreciate that." - Job Seeker, April 2016

"Randi, I wanted to thank you ...as it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I so appreciate your candor." - Job Seeker, April 2016  

"Thank you for following up today, Randi! Your assistance allows for the interview process to run noticeably smoother - And that is much appreciated." - Job Seeker, March 2016

"Thank you for the follow up, Randi!
You conducted such a thorough interview last week that I have complete confidence that you will find something very suitable for me!" - Job Seeker, March 2016

"Randi, I really appreciate your interest in my background and understanding my motivation in pursuing opportunities based on LI. I found our conversation very encouraging and I admire your integrity and your approach in business." - Job Seeker, March 2016

"...I would like to connect the two of you as xxxx has a BA opportunity in the commercial IT side of the office, and Randi has done a killer job recruiting 3 of my BAs. Hopefully your partnership will be just as fruitful." - Hiring Company, March 2016

"...This person looks great, too. WOW – very impressed with the applicants that you found..." - Hiring Company, February 2016

​"...(in negotiating my job offer...)...Either way, Randi, I know you have and still will try to get the best for me, which I greatly appreciate. :)" - Job Seeker, February 2016

"Randi, Thank you so much again for your kind words and understanding. You've been the most pleasant and honest recruiter I've ever been in contact with and I appreciate that so much! I would certainly work with you in the future!" - Job Seeker, January 2016

"...I always appreciate your professionalism, and you have been the most pleasant and caring person to work with during my search." - Job Seeker, August 2015

"Thank you for answering me, as you are one of the few agencies I deal with that actually responds to my emails!"  - Job Seeker, August 2015

"...Randi, you have always been pleasant, take the time to follow up and (I) love that you are green (environmentally friendly) ..." - Job Seeker, June 2015

"...My complements on the expertise of (you and) your staff. Matching unknown quantities is a daunting task. You've clearly demonstrated your know how. Thank you." Job Seeker, May 2015

"Thank you Randi, hopefully I do not need to recruit for a while…But if and when I do I could think of no better team than the two of you!" Hiring Manager, May 2015

"Great job finding me candidates, Randi……" Hiring Manager, April 2015

"Randi, I really appreciate your service! You have been awesome!!" Job Seeker, April 2015

"Thank you so much for all the hard work you did to help my employment search - and all your patience.. I have found a home in this work place. What a spectacular fit!!" Job Seeker, February 2015 

"Randi, I would like to take this time out to sincerely thank you for such a wonderful phone interview. it was truly a divine experience."  Job Seeker, January 2015  

"Randi, I just wanted to write a quick email thanking you for the opportunity to work together. I found you extremely knowledgeable and professional. I truly have the confidence that you are going to find a professional home for me!" Job Seeker, December 2014  

"I really appreciate the phone call, Randi! Like I said, I have so much more to offer and it was nice to have someone actually listen for once!" Job Seeker, November 2014

"Randi, I genuinely enjoyed working with you. Searching for a job is a process and sometimes the outcome is different that we had hoped for. Nevertheless, the quality, effort and professionalism that I came across in your organization is simply outstanding. I consider myself fortunate to be able to work with you..." Job Seeker, November 2014 

"First and foremost, you are a class act. Your professionalism is quite admirable and in short supply these days." Job Seeker, October 2014

"You are the definition of loyalty, professionalism, and hard work. Congratulations on your milestone, and many years of continued success." Job Seeker, October 2014

"Congrats! Congrats! Randi, You deserve an applause for your dedication and stamina. You're a real Go-Getter. Kudos to you!"  (on celebrating Career Counselors' 28th anniversary) Job Seeker, October 2014 

"Randi, A real tribute to your staying power and impact. Congrats! " (on celebrating Career Counselors' 28th anniversary) Hiring Manager, October 2014 

"I sincerely thank you for your time and attentiveness over the past couple of days. It's a pleasure to work with someone as personable and conscientious as you!!"
Job Seeker, September 2014 

"I'm so impressed by your efficiency! Thanks so much Randi.. It's truly a delight working with you!"
Hiring Manager, September 2014

"We both know this would have never happened without your help and persistence.
I am very much looking forward to (starting) Monday!"   Job Seeker, September 2014

"We are thrilled with the level of service you have provided us with over the years!!"  Hiring Company, July 2014 

"Randi, I am truly grateful that you have taken such an interest in placing me in the right position especially in terms of scientific related positions in industry."  Job Seeker, June 2014

"We've been in touch twice over the last seven or so years (wow- where does the time go?). I always remember you and your operation because it was quite a different experience than other placement agencies. Much more legitimate... " Job Seeker, June 2014

"Not a moment goes by that I don't thank God for you selecting my resume and for all the energy, hard work and attention you have expended on me. I also would like to express my gratitude for the well wishes for my dad. My family and I thank you. You will be the first Person I reach out too once my interview is complete."   Job Seeker, April 2014 

"I wanted to formally thank you for assisting me through the process of obtaining my new position with XXXX.  I am greatly appreciative of the fact that you initially contacted me regarding my résumé for this position and had faith in my abilities to recommend me to XXXX. Without you, I am sure I would not have obtained the desired salary they offered and to be honest,  am not even certain they would have considered me for the position to begin with. You were a much needed and appreciated ally in this entire process and I was and am grateful to have you on my side. "     Job Seeker, March 2014

"...Randi, I wanted to mention that you actually placed the Director I will be working for at XXXX six years ago! XXXXX said you were absolutely wonderful to work with, that your presence is powerful and she was so glad to have been able to meet and work with you!"   Job Seeker, March 2014

"I also wanted to write you this e-mail to let you know that of all recruiters I have ever dealt with, you are by far  the most detail-oriented, for you asked many pertinent questions that would make your life and the life of the candidate a lot easier...."   Job Seeker, February 2014

"It certainly was quite a pleasure speaking with you this morning.  Thank You for your interest, your information and your integrity. "   Job Seeker, January 2014

"Thank you for reaching in my direction with opportunities.  It is with knowing your diligence that I am reaching in your direction with a very strong candidate.  I don't know if you hire for mechanical or maintenance management type positions, but wanted to forward my husband's resume to you on the chance that you do.  Any individual, or organization in this case, that goes the extra mile is deserving of recognition.  I don't have much use for agencies as most of our employees stay until they retire, but I always direct worthwhile applicants in your direction. "    Job Seeker, January 2014

"Randi, I would like to thank you and Linda for all the help you've provided me in my search for new employment! I greatly appreciate all of the time and effort you have expended to assist me..."  Job Seeker, January 2014

"Randi - I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for your time yesterday.  Your passion, sincerity and integrity were evident to me immediately.  I can see why you’ve been so successful for 26 years!"    Job Seeker, November 2013

"Randi, I have never worked with a recruiter before and must say you have been a pleasure to work with."   Job Seeker, October 2013

"Thanks for the help and advice Randi; I appreciate the time you took to help me make my decision."
Job Seeker, October 2013

"Randi, I can definitely use your help. I appreciate your ethics and it is certainly one if the reasons I admire you so much..."   Job Seeker, October 2013

"Looking forward to working together again! I remember how great you were to work with!"  Job Seeker, October 2013 

"You have been a pleasure to work with and a wonderful resource for me, Randi.  If and when I am available to seek other opportunities, I would consider it a privilege to work with you again.  Thank you for your confidence and confidentiality..."  Job Seeker, October 2013 

"... Randi, I think you did an outstanding job.  Your guidance has been a key asset and is greatly appreciated.  I hope we both hear some good news in the coming days!"    Job Seeker, September 2013 

"Your company is courteous, diligent and true...I appreciate your efforts, focus and honesty..."
Job Seeker, September 2013 

"I want to extend my gratitude to you.  You have made this transition in my career a pleasant one.  I thank you for all of your help."   Job Seeker, September 2013

"Randi, thank you for the e-mail.  You have been really great to work with!
I will call you after the interview."    Job Seeker, July 2013

"Just wanted to reach out and thank you again for referring xxxxxxx.  He is working out as expected and is really making himself known within the Team and Company already..."  Hiring Company, June 2013

..."Truly appreciate you remembering my need for employment and checking back with me to follow up these months later."  Job Seeker, May 2013

"Randi, you have proved to be nothing but the greatest!!"    Job Seeker, May 2013

"Thank you for always keeping in touch during the years!"   Job Seeker, May 2013

"I genuinely thank you for all the encouragement! It certainly is inspiring!"   Job Seeker, April 2013

"Randi, in the past, you had helped me gain employment at xxxxxxxxxx. Can you work magic for me again, or help me do so myself?"
  Job Seeker, April 2013

"Taking the time to speak with me this morning is truly appreciated, as is your directness and straightforward nature, Randi..."
 Job Seeker, April 2013

"I eagerly await the final signature for everything to be "official"; however, in the meantime you have certainly placed a smile on my face until then!"
 Job Seeker, April 2013

"...I would like to discuss what your company may have to offer. I know I've had my reservations about agencies in general but I would like to meet with you and discuss any opportunities you may have. I did like what you had to say and I remembered your confidence in your company's services..."
Job Seeker, March 2013

"Your professional and kind approach are refreshing..."
Job Seeker, February 2013

"A colleague of mine was recently displaced and I told her how great of a recruiter you are!..."
Job Seeker, February 2013

"(Randi), your professionalism during our phone conversation really shines! I have a really good feeling that a great opportunity is on the horizon."
Job Seeker, February 2013 

"Randi, thank you for the time you spent today to delve deeper into my background and get to know me – as a person, not just a resume.   I look forward to working with you and hope you can be my savior in this process.   I greatly appreciate the effort no matter what the result."
Job Seeker, February 2013    

"...I always think of you when I know good people that are looking for jobs. You really helped me more than you can even imagine. I was so helpless when I came to you!! And now I am doing so much better in every part of my life. But it started with the job ;)..."
                                                                    Job Seeker, February 2013

"...I received your voice mails this evening.  You leave the greatest feel-good messages!  : )   Thank you for your kind words of encouragement."
Job Seeker, February 2013

"OMG! Randi...you have put hope in my heart..."
 Job Seeker, January 2013

"I would like to thank Career Counselors Inc., and most importantly you (Randi) for all your most needed help, your dedication & professionalism. Thank you sincerely for taking the time to review my résumé, for contacting me in regards to available positions, for setting up the interviews & for communicating with (the hiring managers)...
                                                                    Job Seeker, January 2013

"I appreciate all the information and guidance you provided on the Operations Manager position..."
Job Seeker, January 2013

"I loved talking to you and think you're a great professional..."                                                                   Job Seeker, December 2012 

"How do I THANK YOU? I really appreciate all your help. You are very special..."                                                                   Job Seeker, November 2012

"Today is my first day at  xxxxxxx.  I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note.  Today wouldn't be happening if it weren't for you.  Thanks for giving my resume a chance in regards to this opportunity."
Job Seeker, October 2012   

"You send by far the best ....candidates!"
Hiring Company, October 2012 

"Thanks for all of your follow up and overall professionalism.  You've been great to work with!
Job Seeker, October 2012

"Randi, thank you so much for your support and encouragement!  I am really looking forward to tomorrow's interview.  You're right--it is important to explore opportunities when they arise.  It may turn out to be a blessing for me and my family."
Job Seeker, September 2012 

"We met a couple of years ago when you recruited me for a job ... but I ended up not being selected for that position. Despite not being placed, I really enjoyed our correspondence, and you and your staff were nothing but courteous and professional."
Job Seeker, September 2012 

"Randi, thanks this morning for the pep talk.  You actually made feel better and inspired me!"
Job Seeker, September 2012

"It was a pleasure talking to you the other day.  You uplifted my spirits!"
Job Seeker, September 2012

"Thank you for your prompt response ... as you know the trend for job seekers is to submit resumes and then hope to hear some news which hardly ever comes.  Your message is reassuring that at least someone is seeing what I am putting forth."
Job Seeker, August 2012

"Thank you very much for keeping me informed with regards to the position.  I appreciate your honesty."
Job Seeker, August 2012

"Thank you for being honest on what I can expect and understanding my intentions while looking for a job."
Job Seeker, July 2012

"I could not be more grateful for all you guys have done for me the last 2 weeks."
Job Seeker, July 2012 

"I want to thank you for a very engaging and forthright conversation this morning discussing my 20+ years in the work force and how my professional background may, or may not, fit in with the client companies that you both currently represent..."
Job Seeker, July 2012

"I wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you provided me. I will never forget that..."
Job Seeker, July 2012

"...Both you and Linda have been there every step of the way with keeping in touch and being an advocate which means a lot to me...."
Job Seeker, June 2012 

"...we had connected a few months back on a position you were trying to place me with ...

While the position didn't work out, I felt you were a fantastic liaison and truly enjoyed working with you. I would really like to engage you and Career Counselors once again with my job search."
Job Seeker, June 2012 

"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! It was a pleasure conversing with someone who seems to really know the recruiting business. I would be pleased if you continue to represent me."
Job Seeker, April 2012

"Thank you for taking out the time to get to know me ..."
Job Seeker, April 2012 

"...if you do see anything, I would be very grateful if you let me know. Thanks a lot Randi. This is what makes Career Counselors the best!"
Job Seeker, April 2012

"I truly hope we can work together.  You have always been so courteous and professional."
Job Seeker, April 2012 

"I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you have done.  You have always been a supporter with highest regard to your principles."
Job Seeker, March 2012 

"I see that award you won!  I'm very happy for you and the company because it is well deserved.  I have never had a recruiter that was quite as pleasant yet thorough as you! " 
Job Seeker, March 2012

"Randi, I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to speak with me today. It is highly unusual, in my experience at least, for someone in your profession to dedicate that much time and effort into a potential client. To be honest, based on your enthusiasm and punctuality (again...quite unusual in your field), I initially thought that you might have been promoting a financial or insurance sales position (I get calls all day from sales recruiters that act interested). After we spoke though I realized that your punctuality, enthusiasm, knowledge of the industry and thoroughness were "simply" professionalism. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on my career search."
Job Seeker, February 2012 

"Thanks for being such a strong supporter and getting me in there (to hiring company)!"
Job Seeker, February 2012 

"I just wanted to follow up with you regarding our last phone conversation pertaining to the possible job opportunity. I also wanted to extend my deepest appreciation for the continuous follow up phone calls from you as well and for considering me when new opportunities arise. 
I am sure that there are plenty of other candidates that you can contact prior to me and you still continue to add me to the list of possible people for the positions. Over the past 2 years there have been several career placement companies that I have worked with and you by far have been the best and most sincere individual I have worked with and I wanted to let you know that no matter the outcome, I definitely appreciate what you have done for me. "
Job Seeker, February 2012

"I respect you Randi and I liked you  as a person from the minute I met you.  I like your style, your demeanor, your professionalism and your kindness."
Job Seeker, February 2012 

"I wanted to thank you for the time you took  to talk with me and discuss my experience and the job opportunity.  I truly appreciate all the time and care you took in telling me about the job, and learning more about me. "
Job Seeker, February 2012

"You have no idea how refreshing it is to speak with an employment agency that doesn't want to send me on an interview with a salary requirement which is considerably less!"
Job Seeker, February 2012 

"Randi, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and your efforts in making this dream a reality. I am so excited. Also, congratulations on your excellence award!"
Job Seeker, January 2012 

"I find you highly professional and a pleasure to talk to. I can't tell you over the years some of the nightmares I've endured dealing with recruiters (I wont name names)."
Job Seeker, January 2012

"I'm flattered by your dilligence Randi."
Job Seeker, January 2012

"Thank you again for all you did for me, you were the reason my family had a great holiday season and I am confident we are going to have a great 2012 (and beyond)."
Job Seeker, January 2012

"I appreciate all your efforts and follow-up."
Job Seeker, January 2012

"Thank you for your prompt attention Randi!"
Job Seeker, January 2012

"You have been extremely helpful and brought opportunities to me that several counselors/headhunters haven't even come close to providing..."
Job Seeker, January 2012

"I am very excited to welcome xxxxxxxx to the team and have you to thank for it; had you not persuaded me to interview her, the position would still be vacant!  It’s always been a pleasure working with you Randi ..."
Hiring Manager, December 2011 

"I think you guys are the only agency that gives me some kind of response.  You're the best. "
Job Seeker, November 2011 

"Randi, I really enjoyed talking to you today.  You're a real straight shooter, something I both like and respect.  Your feedback was straight to the point and on the mark. " 
Job Seeker, September 2011 

"Thank you Randi, you are a wonderful person and human being. And, I am glad that women like you exist in leadership, and in life."
Job Seeker, July 2011 

"Thank you so much for all of your help thus far; it's been making an unbelievably rough month much more bearable!"
Job Seeker, June 2011 

"Thanks for being in my corner!"
Job Seeker, May 2011 

" Thanks, I always appreciate your quick response with updates."
                                                    Job Seeker, April 2011

"...thank you for getting back in touch with me. It is a rarity in your business."
Job Seeker, April 2011 

"We've been doing business (with Randi and Career Counselors) for many years and I have found her to be a great "business partner" rather than just a vendor." 
Hiring Company, March 2011 

"I highly recommend Randi Evans from Career Counselors (631) 360-6300 -she is a generalist, she is fantastic and will find you the right person! I've used her for many diverse positions"
Hiring Company, January 2011

“I take pleasure in writing an endorsement for Randi Evans, President of Career Counselors. Randi and I have worked together on several placements and I could not have been more pleased with the results. I found her to be professional, insightful, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and creative. Should the opportunity present itself to work with Randi again, I would not hesitate to move forward. Randi is one of the best in the business!”    February 2010
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert 
Job Seeker, February 2010 

"...integrity is a top priority at Career Counselors. I have relied on Randi's knowledge and expertise time and time again and cannot recall one time that her advice or opinion did not assist me in meeting my goals...I do not hesitate to recommend Randi to another company or to a candidate. I know that anyone who conducts business with Randi will be treated with respect and with their best interests at heart."
Hiring Company, February 2009

"I state with confidence that this agency (Career Counselors) will deliver high quality professionals in any given work environment.  Randi and her team have the innate ability to connect with both candidates and clients on all levels.  She has solid sourcing and search techniques along with the unique knack for partnering with the hiring managers in such a way that contributes to the success of the organization."

Hiring Company, February2009

"Randi understands the needs we have with regard to recruiting for difficult positions and always is able to qualify the right candidate for us.  She is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. "

Hiring Company,  February 2009

“I have been working with Randi for 10 years. The first nine years were with the same company and when I changed jobs, I continued my relationship with Randi. She is an incredible business partner, and has assisted in procuring top quality employees for both organizations. Randi conducts her business with the highest level of integrity and strives to make the best fit for our corporate culture. The success Randi has acheived is a true testament to her dedication and hardwork.”    January 26, 2010 

Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

"You (Randi Evans) are a real professional.  You really made this process very pleasant and easy.

Thank you very much for your honesty, integrety and hard work. "
Job Seeker, 2008 

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